Trash Typography

Installation Art // PVC Pipes // Bangalore, IN

The objective with this installation project was to see how far I could go in terms of doing things uniquely, to push the contrasts and the possibilities to extreme margins and try to have fun doing something with what is disregarded as waste. The root cause of flytipping in Bangalore is mismanagement of waste disposal by the civic body and an overall lack of understanding of how to dispose garbage responsibly. It is our responsibility to ensure the city is clean.

We humans generally ignore unpleasant things and turn a blind eye to them. So I went about creating a unique message from waste. I used PVC pipes to create the word ‘TRASH’. It was easy to scavenge and find raw pipes, assemble and disassmeble them easily. Once I assemble the pipes I move around the city putting up a ‘the trash installation at places —euphemistically called blackspots by the civic agency — where residents throw garbage.

The aim of my experiment is not only to dissuade people from fly tipping but also to intrigue and educate them to act responsibly. Trash typography is quirky and unexpected; it does everything you think it shouldn’t do, but it does it with exposure and with intent. There’s nothing accidental about Trash, even though it entirely began as a study its spereads an important message.

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