Turkey Travelogue

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The travelogue is a detailed description of my perceptions, impressions and comments about attractions of places, as I travel from place to place. It’s the journal which provides the insight of my feelings, experiences. I choose to sketch my experiences with the sole idea of providing glimpse of the events I experience, it sometimes can include a day-to-day description of experiences during my trip. 

Tucked between Asia and Europe (literally), Istanbul is a city that will surprise you, embrace you and excite your senses. Istanbul is incredible. It’s one of the most awe-inspiring cities I have been to thus far. Home to breathtaking architecture, delicious food, and some of the warmest, most genuinely hospitable people I have ever met on my travels.

Everywhere you look, soft volcanic rock has been formed into what are colloquially known as “fairy chimneys,” as well as other structures. The ground is cut, carved, and battle worn, which means you’ve got no shortage of caves, underground tunnels and bizarre formations. There is, quite literally, a whole world that you can’t see with the naked eye when you’re visiting Cappadocia.